Links for the Week of November 5th, 2018

  1. Here Lies E. Coli | Atlas Obscura
  2. The Waste of Daylight | William Willett’s Pamphlet
  3. Increased frequency of travel may act to decrease the chance of a global pandemic
  4. Communicating intelligence research: Media misrepresentation, the Gould Effect, and unexpected forces [PDF]
  5. Does the U.S. Still Have a ‘Middle Class’? | The Atlantic
  6. The Real Lesson of My Debate With Steve Bannon | The Atlantic, David Frum
  7. Even Classical Music Is Getting Faster These Days | Rolling Stone
  8. Philosophy Has Made Plenty of Progress | Scientific American
  9. How the Crypto Crash Could Be Good for Crypto | Bloomberg, Tyler Cowen
  10. The Moral Machine experiment | Nature
  11. The making of an opioid epidemic | The Guardian
  12. Crazy Work Hours and Lots of Cameras: Silicon Valley Goes to China | NYT
  13. Siren worlds and the perils of over-optimised search | LessWrong
  14. Leninism and Bioleninism | Bloody shovel

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