Links for the Week of July 2, 2018

  1. Tipping the Scales.
  2. Do Men and Women Know What They Want? Sex Differences in Online Daters’ Educational Preferences.
  3. The Opium of the Intellectuals.
  4. The Right to Kill: Should Brazil keep its Amazon tribes from taking the lives of their children.
    Relevant Charles James Napier quote:

    Be it so. This burning of widows is your custom; prepare the funeral pile. But my nation has also a custom. When men burn women alive we hang them, and confiscate all their property. My carpenters shall therefore erect gibbets on which to hang all concerned when the widow is consumed. Let us all act according to national customs.

  5. The Real-Life Superhero Who Beats the Cops to Bike Thieves.
  6. The Invisible Helping Hand: How a network of food banks learned to feed more people by embracing the free market.
  7. Chart of the Day: The Cheese Storage Index.

  8. In Denmark, Harsh New Laws for Immigrant ‘Ghettos’.
  9. The Importance of Having Your Pain Be Legible.
  10. Mining the Sky.
  11. Identity Causes Prejudice.
  12. The Things They Carried: Items Confiscated From Migrants in the Last Decade.
  13. Google Is Building a City of the Future in Toronto. Would Anyone Want to Live There?
  14. Mechanisms of estradiol in fear circuitry: Implications for sex differences in psychopathology.
  15. Following Obama, Students Define “Black” on Ivy League Campuses.
  16. Go fishing.
  17. Host quality induces phenotypic plasticity in a wing polyphenic insect.
  18. Political Moderates Are Lying.
  19. Forget About It.
  20. The Bro Code: Booze, Sex, and the Dark Art of Dealmaking in China.
  21. Who Really Stands to Win from Universal Basic Income?
  22. Personality and pay: do gender gaps in confidence explain gender gaps in wages?
  23. The genetics of politics: discovery, challenges, and progress.
  24. If You Say Something Is “Likely,” How Likely Do People Think It Is?
  25. Sports Participation during Adolescence: A Shift from Environmental to Genetic Factors.
  26. Juggalos figured out how to beat facial recognition.

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