Links for the Week of June 4, 2018

  1. Team discover how microbes survive clean rooms and contaminate spacecraft.
  2. Fall asleep in seconds by listening to a soothing voice read the EU’s new GDPR legislation.
  3. Middle East Power Struggle Plays Out on New Stage.cargo1
  4. New hope for lost Frida Kahlo painting.
  5. The ‘Thanksgiving Effect’ and the Creepy Power of Phone Data.
  6. AIBO Robot Dogs Given Buddhist Funeral in Japan.
  7. The chiral nature of the enhanced interrogation programme.
  8. The Philosophy of Roseanne’s Ambien Tweet.
  9. Game Boy Camera Canon EF Lens Mount.
  10. The Musical Diversity of Pop Songs.
  11. The Great Shame of Our Profession: How the humanities survive on exploitation.
  12. Something Weird Happened to Men 7,000 Years Ago, And We Finally Know Why.
  13. Mutually Nonconsensual Sex.
  14. Is motherhood the unfinished work of feminism?
  15. Rice grown by Chinese scientists using seawater in Dubai’s deserts.
  16. Colleges Are No Match for American Poverty.
  17. Steven Pinker’s Ideas About Progress Are Fatally Flawed.3 graphs
  18. Our descendants will probably see us as moral monsters. What should we do about that?
  19. Reaction times match IQ for major causes of mortality: Evidence from a population based prospective cohort study.
  20. A tax on sugar sweetened beverages in Colombia: Estimating the impact on overweight and obesity prevalence across socio economic levels.
  21. Emotional intelligence: not much more than g and personality.
  22. Are people healthier if their partners are more optimistic?
  23. Female Sea Snails No Longer Growing Penises Thanks to Ban on Toxic Chemical.
  24. Physicists See Quantum Effects in Photosynthesis.
  25. Automatically identifying, counting, and describing wild animals in camera-trap images with deep learning.
  26. Whatever Happened to the Wild Camels of the American West?
  27. Many Republican Millennials differ with older party members on climate change and energy issues.
  28. The Art of Changing Minds: My Conversation With Julia Galef.
  29. Polder model.
  30. Trinity College To Charge $71,660 Next Year.
  31. The Bottom Line.
  32. Animal expertise: mechanisms, ecology and evolution.
  33. The Defeat of Reason.
  34. Dimensions of Subjective Age Identity Across the Lifespan.





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