Weekend Readings for June 1, 2018

Weekend Reading
  1. In Search of Missing US Suicides.
  2. How a Pyramid Scheme Doomed the World’s Largest Amphibians.
  3. America has a massive truck driver shortage. Here’s why few want an $80,000 job.
  4. The Philosophy of Computational Complexity.
  5. Fifty psychological and psychiatric terms to avoid: a list of inaccurate, misleading, misused, ambiguous, and logically confused words and phrases.
  6. Wordy Weapons of Is-Ought Alloy.
  7. Engineers aim for the stars with new rocket engine.
  8. Plants repeatedly got rid of their ability to obtain their own nitrogen.
  9. The Terrifying Lessons of a Pandemic Simulation.
  10. A primer on fentanyl(s).
  11. The Dark Side of the Weak Galt Hypothesis.
  12. Sweeping gene survey reveals new facets of evolution.
  13. The flimsy evidence that environmentally-induced “epigenetic” changes in DNA are transmitted between generations of humans.
  14. Expressive Vocabulary.The Death of Nuance
  15. The Housewives of White Supremacy.
  16. Universals and cultural diversity in the expression of gratitude.
  17. The phone walkers: a study of human dependence on inactive mobile device.
  18. Cultural hitchhiking and competition between patrilineal kin groups explain the post-Neolithic Y-chromosome bottleneck.
  19. Be Nice, At Least Until You Can Coordinate Meanness.
  20. The Death of Nuance.
  21. Fuck Nuance.
  22. The true trigger of shame: social devaluation is sufficient, wrongdoing is unnecessary.
  23. Moral Punishment in Everyday Life.

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